Volume 6 • Issue 20 • December 27, 2007
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Rosarito Police Station Attacked
Heavily armed Commandos

A commando squad armed with assault rifles attacked the Rosarito Police Station last week, in an attempt to assassinate the newly installed Police Chief. The assailants suddenly arrived in four trucks, ran into the station, and opened fire. The commandos penetrated into the inside office of the police chief, but fortunately he was not there. The police managed to fend off the attack, but two police officers died and two civilians were wounded in the incident.

Inside the police station, the walls and interior were full of bullet holes. The attack evidently was aimed at the police chief, because his interior office was completely destroyed. After the shoot out, the commandos boarded the four vehicles and escaped, abandoning the autos nearby. Inside the autos, investigators found two empty .223 cartridges and other assault items. Also recovered were 30 .223 cartridges, 100 of caliber 7.2 and 23 9mm cartridges.

Funeral services with full honors were performed at City Hall for the two fallen police officers, Guillermo Castro Corona, and Leonel Pizana Trip, who were both bodyguards for the police chief. City officials claimed that the attacks occurred in retaliation for recent crime crackdowns by the new Administration, although the new officials only took office on December 1. Numerous tourist groups have cancelled plans to visit Baja because of the incident.

The latest attack is not the first time that Rosarito police have been targeted by organized crime. A few years ago, Rosarito Police Chief Carlos Bowser was assassinated as he exited his home in the morning by a squadron of assailants. Later, two Rosarito police officers were beheaded when they attempted to investigate a party being held by arrested drug kingpin Javier Arrello Felix in the hills behind Rosarito. Many commentators believe that the latest attack is an attempt by organized crime to show the new City Administration who is in charge of Rosarito.

Because of this assault and also because of carjacking reports in the US press, Rosarito police have set up a number of checkpoints and security operations in Rosarito and along the toll road during the holidays. Expect increased vigilance and police activity into the new year.


Gabriel Robles Sued
President of Baja Developers Association

The President of the Baja Developers Association, Gabriel Robles, has been sued by two American investors who collectively loaned Robles $720,000. Robles and his company, Baja Resort Advisors, have defaulted on the loans and the investors question whether Robles intended to repay them at all. Robles said that the original loan agreement, which called for a 30% interest rate, was usurious. The Puerto Nuevo development project in question is encountering financial problems and there may be other affected investors and condominium buyers. The details of the lawsuit are available online at www.bajaresortadvisor.com (with no "s" at the end of "advisor"). Aside from the specific lawsuit, the case also sheds light on the types of business practices that are common in Baja among underfinanced developers who do not have a proven track record.


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